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[Player name] Erica
[Age] 24
[Personal Journal] [personal profile] shakesperience
[Other characters currently played] Clint Barton / Marvel movies / [personal profile] rainingarrows

[Character name] Ruki Makino
[Age] 10
[Canon] Digimon Tamers
[Point in time taken from canon] Six months post-series but pre-Locomon adventure

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There are two sides to Ruki that have developed over the course of her time as a tamer. The first is the most obvious and, frankly, the part of her personality that comes off as the strongest since she has been that way for a long time. That is, Ruki can be quite the ice-queen upon first getting to know her. For a long time, Ruki looked down on others and saw herself as the BEST tamer with no one else worthy of her affection and to just be stepping stones on her way to power and to evolve Renamon. While this has been toned down greatly since she started fighting digimon, Ruki is still very much an anti-social being. She keeps most people at a distance and only lets others in slowly, preferring her own quiet solitude. Ruki is working on this, as we see with her developing relationships with her friends, but she has a lot to work though in terms of trust. It's difficult for her to make friends because she keeps to herself a lot, but she is slowly warming up to the idea of being a little more social. Although we've yet to see her really interact with anyone outside of the Digimon group.

While her cold-side is especially strong, it's important to note that Ruki has "thawed" a lot since her early days as a tamer. Now that she has gone through several trials with her new friends, Ruki finds herself caring a lot more about them. She worries about digimon like Impmon and Culumon who can't take care of themselves and even Renamon who is her best friend and partner. She even really begins to look after and care for Juri when Juri loses her own partner. For one who used to not care about anyone, Ruki has become much more protective of people she cares about and would do anything, even put herself at risk, to make sure they are safe.

It's important to note that a lot of Ruki's trust issues and anti-social tendencies stem from her mother. She has quite a few issues with her, though this too is slowly being resolved as she gets to know her mom more. At first, Ruki just brushes her mother off as an air-head who cares more about Ruki as a dress-up doll to make into a mini-version of herself than as her daughter. And, while her mother is a bit flaky, Ruki slowly begins to realize that her mother DOES really care about her well-being and worry about her. Ruki begins to accept her mother more as the series progresses, especially as her mother starts to give her more space and not try to force her ideals on her. Ruki's father and mother are divorced and so Ruki distances herself from others so as not to be hurt again. However, Ruki is slowly realizing that not everyone is out to hurt her and this is helping her learn to trust. Not only that, but it is also allowing her to be more open about her feelings. When Renamon was forced back to the digital world, Ruki openly shed tears for her and she is openly touched when her mother buys them matching shirts for "good luck" in the final battle.

So, over all, Ruki has warmed up a LOT, but that has not diminished her more cynical nature or her independence. She still stands tall and proud as a tamer and doesn't let the "boys" show her up in terms of power. She can take care of herself and knows what to do in a great number of situations because of her experiences as a tamer. She knows the others will support her, but she isn't one to lean on them without also supporting them as well. While she can still be grouchy at times and aloof as heck, she is a lot less uptight than she used to be. She still makes fun of her friends sometimes too, but it's more for fun and less out of anger than it used to be.

As a Tamer, Ruki can give boosts to her partner, Renamon both via cards and through evolution to higher digimon forms. Otherwise, Ruki is a normal 10 year old girl with a great prowess for children's card games.

Oh, and she can evolve with Renamon to the Ultimate level to become "Sakuyamon" in an evolution process called Matrix Evolution. This is Renamon's highest evolution and as such is a very powerful evolution. I do plan to nerf it a bit, but it's not as all-powerful as some of the other Ultimate level digimon out there since Sakuyamon is best known for her defense abilities/barriers and less for her attack power. Basically, it will take a great deal of effort on Ruki's part to activate this form of evolution.

[Other important stuff]
Ruki will have a deck of Digimon cards and her digivice. The digivice, called a D-Arc, connects a tamer to their digimon partner. This particular digivice displays a holographic search function showing where a digimon's presence is in relation to the Tamer and can display digimon's data as seen through the eyes of Renamon. It also channels Ruki's power to Renamon allowing evolution to take place.

Also, it is important that I include info about Renamon, Ruki's partner digimon since Renamon will be joining her here.

[who and what they are] Renamon; a fox-like child-level digimon.
[why they are included] Renamon is Ruki's digimon partner and essentially her living shadow. She follows the girl everywhere, literally using the shadows to do so. I include Renamon because most of the children in the Digimon franchise have a strong bond with their digimon. This is especially true in Tamers where Digimon and their partners can evolve together. It felt right for Renamon to be here with Ruki since she would not want to leave Ruki's side and because of their mental/spiritual connection it is easy to see how Renamon could even follow her to Somarium.
[how the pet is related to the character and would be played.] As explained above, Renamon is Ruki's digimon partner and, one could argue, non-romantic soul mate. Renamon serves as Ruki's body-guard and partner in everything.

Thankfully, Renamon is typically quiet. She doesn't say much and will be played much like a pokemon would (following Ruki around, fighting for her if need be, offering aid if called upon, etc.) While she can interact with the world without Ruki's permission and can speak, it is unlikely for her to do so. She will mostly be like Ruki's shadow and only appear when necessary or if she feels like it.

[Evolution] - Ruki can evolve Renamon almost at will. Each form progressively gets stronger and comes with a variety of attacks. The evolution is as follows: Renamon - Kyuubimon - Taomon - Sakuyamon. Sakuyamon requires Ruki to be reached, though technically all of the evolutions require energy or some connection with Ruki to be achieved.

[Sample post]
[First Person].
- Do you stand up against authority, go against all odds, and if you could, pierce the heavens with your fighting spirit? If not, would you if you could?
I don't know about all this "pierce the heavens" nonsense, but I can fight if needed. And, I think it goes without saying that I've gone against all odds before.

- You are a given a mission. Would you complete it effectively or would you goof off and do something else? Expand a little on the response.
I'm not Takato. I'm very focused on the mission at hand, but I'm just a kid so I'm not sure what sort of mission you're going to put me on. Unless it involves Digimon I don't see how it really concerns me. But I guess if you need my help I can do it.

- You have two options: either save your friend who is hanging from a cliff, or chase after the bad guy who put them in a position. If you choose the former, the bad guy will get away and it will be hard to catch him. If you choose the latter, the cliff will crumble and the friend will fall to the spiky rocks below. What do you do and why?
- You discover someone stalking you. Do you call the police or deal with it yourself?
- Would you consider yourself a well traveled person? If so, what are some of your favorite places? If not, would you want to travel or is there some place you want to go?
- Do you prefer the city or living out in the country? Why?
- You are suddenly told you are the child of an ancient prophecy to save the world. How do you feel? Will you embark on your journey? Or would you rather shove it onto someone else and run away? Explain.
- You are told that this is a dream world, but you must go deeper. What are your first thoughts?
- What disgusts you the most?
- What pleases you the most?

[Third Person]

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] We need some kids with monsters 8D
[Which rule was your favorite and why?] Be nice to other players, because it's important to treat others as they wish to be treated!
[Where did you hear about Somarium?] Kat.
[Do you need a promo code?] No
[Any questions?]


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